Hector and Susanne Salazar have spent a lot of time turning their Quinta Antigua Estates house into a place to call home, starting with their backyard patio area. Hector enlisted the help of Mark Nash of Nash Gardens, and says the backyard needed a lot of work to turn it into what it is today... read full article


Gone are the days when a back yard was simply something one made his son mow every weekend. Now, people want an outdoor room. As patios get larger and larger, and all the amenities of the home creep outside as well, the quality of outdoor living has never been better... read full article


From centuries past when it was necessary for man to settle near water sources such as rivers or lakes, we have loved to hear the sound of moving water... read full article


Have you always dreamed of a beautiful Koi pond of your own? Build one! There isnít anything quite as beautiful and relaxing as a waterfall and Koi pond next to your back patio. Koi are fast growing, can be purchased in variety a of brilliant colors and are easy to maintain if your pond is constructed properly... read full article



Today the trend is creating outdoor spaces that include the comforts of home comparable to indoor living areas. First, ask yourself where you want to spend your relaxation time; a well-designed outdoor room requires some homework. Take time to discover where you feel most centered. When you locate the spot, plan for your outdoor room to be surrounded with wonderful shade trees and comfortable seating...
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